Lesson Plans

Here are the daily lesson plans for this unit.

Explore and Experiment:
  • Work in teams or partnerships to learn how to use VoiceThread on this formative assessment (Mrs. M's Class, Mrs. L's Class, Mrs. T's Class & Mr. G's Class). Note: each teacher will need to create a VoiceThread account for their class, where you can upload "identities" for each student in your class. If you would like to use the formative assessment, you will need to create your own for just your class so that each student can log in.
  • You can use each picture as a starting point for your voice recording. Make sure to plan what you will say before you record your voice.

Complete the Assessment:

Plan your VoiceThread by:
  • exploring all of the resources available on your assessment option page.
  • determining which images you will use in your personal VoiceThread - draw or organize a rough draft of each picture in order.
  • on your rough draft, write a script for each picture which directly addresses the topics in the rubric.

Create your VoiceThread by:
  • logging in.
  • choosing your "identity" from the selection.
  • uploading all of your images.
  • putting all of your images in the correct order.
  • recording your voice for each image using the script you created in the plan stage.
  • watch your VoiceThread all the way through to make sure it is just the way you want it.